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Shipping statistics of korea

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  • Ships & Crew
  • Cargo & Passengers
  • Port
  • Shipbuilding
  • Marine Accidents
  • Major Economic Indexes

Ships & Crew

  1. Development of Korean-flag Ships
  2. Development of Korean-flag Ocean-going Vessels
  3. Licenses for Ocean-going Shipping Business
  4. Ocean-Going Vessels by Company/Ship Type
  5. Full Container Vessels by Company
  6. Seaman's Certificates
  7. Officer's certificates
  8. Overseas Employment


Cargo & Passengers

  1. Development of Port Cargoes
  2. Development of Inbound/Outbound Cargoes
  3. Development of Ocaen-going Cargoes
  4. Development of Coastal Cargoes
  5. Development of Ocean-going Cargoes by Region
  6. Ocean-going Cargoes by Region and Commodities
  7. Export/Import Container Trade by Region
  8. Passengers and Cargoes Traffic by Passenger/Car Carriers
  9. Passenger Transportation on the Remote Island Routes



  1. Vessel Traffic
  2. Vessel Traffic by Ship Type
  3. Vessel Traffic by ShipSize
  4. Development of Container Cargo Traffic
  5. Container Cargo Traffic by Railway
  6. Cargo Handling Capacity
  7. Berth Capacity
  8. Port Facilities
  9. Distance between Major Ports



  1. Development of Ship Order
  2. Ship Order by Type
  3. Export Ship Order by Country
  4. Ship Order by Shipyard
  5. Ship Construction by Type
  6. Export Ship Construction by Country
  7. Ship Construction by Shipyard
  8. Orderbook by Ship Type
  9. Orderbook by Shipyard
  10. Shipbuilding Facilities by Company


Marine Accidents

  1. Marine Accidents by Discipline
  2. Marine Accidents by Categories
  3. Marine Accidents by Ship Type
  4. Marine Accidents by Ship Size
  5. Marine Accidents by Time


Major Economic Indexes

  1. Composite Index of Business Indicators
  2. Major Financial Indexes
  3. GDP Growth Rate by Major Countries
  4. CPI Price Index by Major Countries
  5. External Trade by Major Countries