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World statistics

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  • World Fleet
  • World Seaborne Trade
  • Freight Rates & Raw Material Prices
  • World Shipbuilding
  • World Losses & Disposal

World Fleet

  1. World Fleets by Ship Type
  2. World Fleets by Country Registration
  3. Worle Fleet by Major Registration of Owner and Ship Type
  4. World Fleets by Nationality of Owner
  5. World Fleet by Major Nationality of Owner and Ship Type
  6. World Fleet by Gross Tonnage
  7. World Fleet by Age
  8. World Fleet by Ship Type and Age
  9. World Fleet by Gross Tonnage and Age
  10. Cargo Ships by Country of Registration
  11. Cargo Ships by Deadweight
  12. Cargo Ships by Deadweight and Age
  13. Container Fleet by TEU Capacity
  14. Container Fleet by Deadweight and Age
  15. Container Fleet by Age
  16. World Tanker Fleet by Deadweight
  17. Tanker Fleet by Deadweight and Age
  18. Combined Carrier by Deadweight and Age
  19. Bulk Dry Fleet by Deadweight and Age
  20. Voyage Index of Bulk Carriers
  21. Liquefied Gas Carrier by Capacity and Age
  22. Major Open-Registry Fleets
  23. Ship Disposals and Losses
  24. Demolition Tonnage


World Seaborne Trade

  1. World Seaborne Trade
  2. World Seaborne Trade by Major Commodities
  3. Curde Oil Seaborne Trade
  4. Iron Ore Seaborne Trade
  5. Coal Seaborne Trade
  6. Grain Seaborne Trade
  7. Bauxite Seaborne Trade
  8. Alumina Seaborne Trade
  9. Phosphate Rock Seaborne Trade
  10. Other Bulk Seaborne Trade
  11. Development of Dry Bulk Seaborne Trade
  12. World Container Throughput by Countries
  13. World Container Throughput by Ports
  14. World Container Throughput by Regions


Freight Rates & Raw Material Prices

  1. German Sea Freight Indexes
  2. Lloyd's Shipping Economist Tramp Trip Charter Indexes
  3. MRI Freight Index
  4. Baltic Freight Indexes
  5. Baltic Capesize Index and Rates
  6. Baltic Panamax Index and Rates
  7. Baltic Handymax Index and Rates
  8. Baltic Dirty Tanker Index
  9. Baltic Clean Tanker Index
  10. SSY/Atlantic Capesize Index and Rates
  11. SSY/Pacafic Capesize Index and Rates
  12. JE Hyde Shipping Index and Rates
  13. Howe Robinson Container Index
  14. World Bunker Prices
  15. World Primary Energy Consumption
  16. World Crude Oil
  17. World Natural Gas
  18. World Coal
  19. International Grains Prices


World Shipbuilding

  1. Completions by Ship Type
  2. Completions by Countries
  3. Completions by Countries of Registeration
  4. Completions by Countries of National
  5. Orderbook by Ship Type
  6. Orderbook by Countries
  7. Orderbook by Ship Type and Countries
  8. Newbuilding Order by Ship Types and Country of Domiciles
  9. Newbuilding Order by Ship Types and Country of Flag
  10. Newbuilding Orderbook by Ship Types and Country of Build
  11. Orderbook by Ship Type
  12. Deliveries by Ship Type
  13. Newbuilding Prices Trend by Ship Types


World Losses & Disposal

  1. Total Losses by Ship Type
  2. Total Losses by Registration
  3. Total Losses by Nationality of Owner
  4. Total Losses by Incident Type