About KMI

Vision & Mission

To contribute to the national development and the promotion of public welfare through research
and development in the realm of ocean, fisheries, shipping, ports and logistics
A Global Research Institute that Leads the Blue Economy
To conduct policy research that contributes to the national economy and people’s welfare
  • Solving field-based issues
  • Leading agenda
  • Creative challenge
  • Responsibility and Communication


Field Strengthen field-based problem-solving research
  • Make an effort on field-based issues in the ocean and fisheries
  • Align the foundation to improve the effectiveness of policies
  • Establish data-based analysis systems
Advancement Advance the Blue Economy
  • Expand digital and eco-friendly research in the ocean and fisheries
  • Present the vision of becoming a global leader in shipping logistics and ports
  • Prepare innovative strategies for regional and balanced development
Connectivity Reinforce connectivity of Research and Cooperation
  • Broaden global research networks
  • Build a system to support academic research
Top Realize top values through innovation of KMI culture
  • Strengthen ESG-based management system
  • Invigorate communications with internal and external clients