About KMI


  • Auditor
    • Audit Division
  • Multilateral Agreement
    Support Directorate
  • Regional Cooperation
    Support Directorate
  • Shipping Industry Promotion
    Support Directorate
  • ESG Management Support
  • Regulation Management Commission
  • Research Review Commission
  • Research Ethics Commission
  • Vice President of Research
    • Ocean Economy
      Strategy Department
      Major research areas include industrial trends and statistics, marine tourism and leisure policies, Inter-Korean cooperation policies, New Northern policy and strategies for polar regions.
    • Marine Policy
      Research Department
      Main research areas include coasts and islands, marine space and environment, climate change, Dok-do & maritime territories and maritime law.
    • Fisheries Policy
      Research Department
      Main research areas include the fishing and fisheries industry such as fishery products supply and smart aquaculture, fishery resources, distant water fisheries and coastal fisheries.
    • Maritime Policy
      Research Department
      Major research areas include development strategies of the maritime industry, shipping transportation, national shipping finance, and big data-based analysis on the shipping market.
    • Port Research
      Mainly conducting researches on the development of domestic and overseas ports, port management, port traffic analysis, the establishment of public investment projects and feasibility studies.
    • Logistics and
      Maritime Industry
      Research Department
      Major research areas include future logistics technology and systems, entering overseas logistics markets, the global supply chain and maritime international organization as well as maritime manpower.
    • Fisheries Policy
      Main research areas include the stable supply and demand systems for fishery products, promotion of exporting fishery products and FTA implementation supports.
    • Fishing Community
      Research Bureau
      Specific research areas include fishing community policies, fishing society and regional development, fishing economy, invigoration of private investment in fishing ports and disaster prevention.
  • Vice President of Management
      • Planning &
      • Administration
    • International
      Cooperation Bureau
      Conducting researches on ocean and fisheries official development assistance and international research activities including analysis, research and studies on China.