Research Areas

Fisheries Policy Research

Fisheries and Aquaculture Policy
- Fisheries policy and aquaculture industry-related systems.
- Direct payment system and revitalization of the fishing household economy.
- Efficiency of supply and demand and distribution of marine products.
- Fisheries food industrialization, hygiene, and safety.
- Managing fish farms, Smart aquaculture industry and related equipment.
- Fostering fisheries personnel, Fisheries finance and cooperatives.
Coastal and Offshore Fisheries
- Strategy, system and policy, safety management, resource managementtechnology and informatization, Guidance and negotiation for offshore fishing.
- Sustainable fishing industry and Water-based fishing, ornamental fish industry,Eco-friendly and smart fishing boats and related equipment, Fishery resources.
International Fisheries
- Systems and development, technology, and strategy for the ocean industry.
- Overseas Fisheries Resources Development and Protection.
- Negotiations with WTO/FTA, regional fisheries organizations.
- Public Development Assistance (ODA) in the fisheries sector and Fisheries trade.