Research Areas

Marine Policy Research

Marine Policy
- Planning/management/use of marine, coastal, island, and public waters.
- Coastal maintenance and coastal disasters, Marine survey and information management, Establishment and utilization of coastal and national land management DBs, Marine security.
Marine Environment and Space
- Laws and systems related to the marine environment, ecosystem, and estuaries.
- Response to climate change related to the ocean.
- Marine life and resources, land aircraft, pollutant management, marine waste.
- Marine environment, ecological industry, and facilities.
- Laws and systems related to marine space management.
Dokdo and Law of the Sea
- Study on the Sovereignty of Dokdo and Improvement of Dokdo's Perception,
- Data and Domestic/international networks related to Dokdo and Maritime Law.
- Plan to indicate the name of the East Sea and raise awareness.
- Territorial waters, territorial islands, exclusive economic zones, continental shelves, and deep sea bottoms, UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.