Research Areas

Fisheries Policy Implementation

Fisheries Outlook
- The Fisheries Outlook Center was established under the KMI in accordance with the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries Order and investigates and analyzes fisheries production, inventory, price, imports and exports and related overseas trends to provide supply and demand information to stakeholders.
- With the item-specific information provided monthly, fishermen can prepare for future market changes, and policy makers can develop fishery supply and demand strategies as well as price stability measures.
FTA Implementation Support
- FTA Implementation center was established in 2012 to present complementary measures under FTA circumstance by Farmers and Fishermen Act.
- FTA Implementation Support center carries out systematic survey and analysis of fisheries field’s export and import prices. Also, the center inspect the implementation and assess outcome of backup measure. Lastly, FTA center is in charge of training and public relation about FTA trend and policy.
K-fish Information
- K-fish Information center was established in 2016 to support the development of overseas markets in the export industry.
- K-fish Information center investigates and analyzes and provides overseas market information such as domestic fisheries export trends, fisheries food market trends in major countries, and latest issues related to domestic and foreign fisheries exports.