Research Areas

Logistics and Maritime Industry Research

Logistics and Technology
- Smartening and new industries in the marine and fisheries sectors.
- Establishing a national plan related to logistics and technology.
- Future logistics technology development.
- Logistics convergence technology and related job creation.
- Logistics supply chain, green logistics, cold chain, and related technologies.
- Establishment and operation of logistics information system.
Maritime Industry
- Research, analysis, and prospects for the maritime industry.
- International Maritime Organization and related agreements.
- Information related to maritime transportation.
- Ship and operation technology, maritime big data, Eco-friendly ships and marine environment protection.
- Training maritime personnel and strengthening their capabilities.
International Logistics Analysis and Support
- Overseas expansion and investment attraction in the logistics sector.
- Global logistics network, market development, and corporate development.
- strengthening the competitiveness of the supply chain (SC) and analysis of Global supply chain by major industries.
- Improving the added value of port background linked to the global supply chain.
- Operating an International Logistics Analysis and Support Center.