AQUAFARM 4.0 : The future of aquaculture
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  • Date of issue 2020-09-30
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    The World Created by Aquafarm 4.0

        - What is Aquafarm 4.0

        - A Smart System, that is Aquafarm 4.0

        - The Future of Aquafarm 4.0

    Whether to Eat or Raise

        - How to Feed the Hungry Earth?

        - Norwegian Salmon : The process of getting to Korean dinner table in 20 hours

        - There is Sea Lice living in the sea

        - Would Salmon Swim back to upstream in The River be delicious?

    How to Operate K-style Smart Farming?

        - Aquaculture Industry That Is Still Dependent on Environment

        - Norwegian Salmon That Replaces the Most Popular Raw Fish, Flatfish

        - Opportunities in A Crisis

        - How to Change Korean Aquaculture Industry?

        - Let's Change Korean Aquaculture Industry as Follow

        - Building The K-style Smart Aquaculture System

    Technologies of Aquafarm 4.0

        - Digital breeding technology that processes information from living creatures

        - Aquaculture Feed and Vaccine Technology for Superior Species

        - Advanced Onshore Farming System and Equipment

        - Edge Cloud Computing Technology

        - Intelligent Decision-making Prediction Technology for Aquaculture

        - Digital Twin Technology That Connects Reality and Virtual Space

        - Big Data Center, The s-ABC Center

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