Ocean Policy Research

Vol. 34 No 2 표지
Vol. 34 No 2
  • Author(s) KMI
  • Date of issue 2019-12-31
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  • Abstract
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공공누리 [제 4유형] 출처 표시 필요, 사업적 이용 불가능, 변형 등 2차적 저작물 작성 금지 According to above KOGL, user can use public works freely and without fee when user complies with the terms provided as follows.
However, it is prohibited to use public works for commercial purpose, or to create secondary works by changing or modifying it.
1 Substitution analysis among production factors of distant longline fisheries in IATTC waters using a translog cost function Jo, Heon-JuㆍKim, Do-HoonㆍKim, Doo-NamㆍLee, Sung-IlㆍLee, Mi-Kyung 862 pdf Download
2 A Study on the Valuation of Baltic Dry Index using Discounted Cash Flow Method Choi, Jung Suk 854 pdf Download
3 A Study on North Korean Fisheries Policy of the Kim Jong-un Era Jin,huikwonㆍYoon,injoo 1362 pdf Download
4 Exploratory Research on the Legitimacy of the Legislation Tilting toward Punishing an Individual Ship Surveyor Lee, Sang-IlㆍKim, Ji-HyunㆍYoo, Jinho 1486 pdf Download
5 A Study on the Conflicts and Solutions in the Development of Fishing Villages Lee, jaehyung⋅Kim, jisun⋅Kim, namgyu 1716 pdf Download
6 Seafood consumption by Busan residents in the Neolithic Age Kim, Jin Baek 739 pdf Download
7 A Study on the Export Competitiveness of Korean Water Transport Industry in Foreign Markets Kim, Tad JinㆍSim, Seung Jin 1142 pdf Download
8 Extraction and evaluation of importance of factors changing the international shipping environment Lee, DonghwaㆍLee, Sangyoon 909 pdf Download
9 Project logistics company selection from EPC shippers’ perspective Kim, A-RomㆍKim, Gi-SuㆍPark, Keun-SikㆍSeo, Young-Joon 324 pdf Download
10 Forecasting of Container shipping market using sentiment analysis Choi, GunwooㆍYoon, HeesungㆍKim, Dongwon 3289 pdf Download
11 A Study on the Legal improvement for fostering Total Logistics(Fourth Party Logistics) Lee, Hyeon KyunㆍJeong, Moon Gee 2531 pdf Download
12 Freedom of Fishing and the Allocation of Fishing Quota Kim, Young Su 1098 pdf Download
13 An Exploratory Study on Environment Pollution from Cruise Ship Han, Chul Hwan 1091 pdf Download