Ocean Policy Research

Vol. 35 No 2 표지
Vol. 35 No 2
  • Author(s) KMI
  • Date of issue 2020-12-31
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1 Review on VAT Taxation on Goods and Services Provided by the Korea Fisheries Infrastructure Public Agency1 Jun, Byung Wook 515 pdf Download
2 The Estimation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Major Coastal Fisheries using Dynamic Optimal Fisheries Theory Jeon, Yong HanㆍNam, Jong Oh 430 pdf Download
3 A Study on the Regional Economic Impact of Ocean Industries- Focused on Busan, Ulsan, and Gyeongnam - Kim, Tae JinㆍTromp, Nikolas 947 pdf Download
4 A Study on the Port’s Prototype Scale Considering Human Scale Seo, Seong HyeokㆍJung, Tae yeol 747 pdf Download
5 The Determinants of Korea’s Export Using Global Logistics Performance Index (LPI) Son, Gyeong WonㆍCho, Hyuk SooㆍMoon, Hee Cheol 1572 pdf Download
6 Estimating and Adjusting the Rate of Aquaculture Insurance Jung, Won HoㆍChoi, Jang Hoon 567 pdf Download
7 Trends and Prospects of WTO Fisheries Subsidies NegotiationsAfter the 11th Ministerial Conference4)- Focusing on a comparative study of fisheries subsidies between CPTPP and USMCA - Jung, Myeong HwaㆍAn, Ji Eun 767 pdf Download
8 Priority Analysis for Purchasing Determinants of Fresh Fish Using Best-Worst Scaling Method Lee, Heon Dong 1091 pdf Download
9 A Priority Analysis of the Selection Criteria for the Cold Chain Logistics Companies in China Wang, GeㆍSeo, Young JoonㆍKwak, Dong Wook 1032 pdf Download