Ocean Policy Research

Vol. 36 No 1 표지
Vol. 36 No 1
  • Author(s) KMI
  • Date of issue 2021-06-30
  • Report No.
  • Read / Down 4134 / 1503
  • KOGL Use Term for KOGL Type 4
  • Abstract
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공공누리 [제 4유형] 출처 표시 필요, 사업적 이용 불가능, 변형 등 2차적 저작물 작성 금지 According to above KOGL, user can use public works freely and without fee when user complies with the terms provided as follows.
However, it is prohibited to use public works for commercial purpose, or to create secondary works by changing or modifying it.
1 The Impact of Imported Fishery Products on the Price of Domestic Ones 정겨운ㆍ김봉태 799 pdf Download
2 A Study on the Current Status and Improvement of the Legal and Technical Commission of the International Seabed Authority 박성욱ㆍ문규은 486 pdf Download
3 COVID19’s Economic Impact on Oceans and Fisheries Industry : Based on a Single-Country CGE Model 임병호ㆍ장정인ㆍ정수빈ㆍ김성아ㆍ최건우ㆍ강한애ㆍ정인교 559 pdf Download
4 A Study on the Regime for Establishment and Management of National Marine Garden - Focused on the Garorim Bay Marine Garden Project - 박성욱ㆍ이주아 846 pdf Download